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  • Birthworks Fibreglass Framed Birthing pool
    Our pools have been specifically designed by a midwife: they are spacious, comfortable and hygienic. Their oval shape allows women to stretch out and relax, and the firm sides offer support for the pushing phase of labour. Their depth allows a woman to kneel and still be immersed in water, and the dense sponge mattress on the base allows that kneeling to be done comfortably.

    Each pool comes with a disposable liner and it’s own hosepipe (for filling and emptying the pool); features that ensure perfect hygiene. The pool kit comes equipped with an urn, ground sheet, tap fittings, and pump to empty. The pools come in four parts – both easy to assemble and dismantle – which makes them convenient to transport even in a small vehicle. Dimensions – H58cm W1M L1.4M Volume 812L

    Price: R2150 (including refundable breakages deposit)
    Rental duration:
    3 weeks
    Includes: Hose and lining

  • TENS machines
    Extensive research states that TENS is an effective method of relieving pain, particularly during the first stage of labour. With no known side effects in healthy women, this is a great pain relief option. Our Obstetric TENS machines have been designed or use in labour, and are very simple to use. They consist of a pocket-sized device that is attached by leads to 2 pairs of self-adhesive electrode pads, which are placed on specific points on the back. The units are battery operated and are activated using a push-button control.

    Price: R850 (including refundable breakages deposit)
    Rental duration: 3 weeks
    Includes: Pads

  • Digital Baby Weighing Scale

    Digital Baby Weighing Scale

    Weigh your baby in the comfort of your own home. Our portable, hand-held scales are reliable and accurate with large clear dials that are easy to read. Scale includes batteries and a hanging bag for babies 0-6 months.

    Price: R150 (including refundable breakages deposit)
    Rental duration: 4 weeks

  • Birthing Balls
    A birth ball is a great exercise tool during and after pregnancy, but much more importantly it provides an (often very welcome) alternative position during labour. It can greatly assist in positioning the baby optimally for birth, as well as provide a soft and comfortable support for an upright squatting position. We offer balls of two different sizes. They come with a hand pump, which makes them easy to inflate.

    Price: R150 (including refundable breakages deposit)
    Rental duration: 3 weeks

  • Wooden Birthing Stools
    Research has shown that being in an upright squat gives a woman approximately 30% more room in her pelvis! A birthing stool facilitates women giving birth in an upright position. The use of a birthing stool reduces the need for episiotomy, or the use of stirrups, forceps and vacuum. It is possible to use a birth stool with a low-dose epidural, making it much easier for a woman to push her baby out herself.

    Our birthing stools, once again specifically designed by a midwife, are angled to further facilitate a supported squatting position. Handmade from solid oak, they are strong, particularly stable and sturdy. Carved handles and specially shaped curves make it both comfortable and portable.

    Price: R450 (including refundable breakages deposit)
    Rental duration: 3 weeks

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